Arch hardware

A full range of white bronze hardware is available for commercial and residential metal windows. Melron's hardware is produced in a sustainable manufacturing environment using NO LEAD alloys derived from 100% RECYCLED metal. All white bronze hardware is coated with Electrocoat, a high performance organic coating that far exceeds lacquer in salt spray performance.

Hardware cast in bronze embodies a unique combination of strength, durability and beauty that is impossible to achieve any other way. An industry standard for 50 years, the style and function of white bronze makes it the choice of architects everywhere.

Project-Out Handles & Strikes

project out handle

Project-In Handles & Strikesproject in handle

European Multipoint Handles

casement handle

Casement Hardwarecasement handle

Spring Catches

spring catch

Hung & Slider Hardware

sweep latch

Pull Handles & Pole Hookspull handle

Impact/Hurricane special handles