Arch hardware

Melron's design team is prepared to help you move parts from concept to production. Your development is backed by many years of window hardware experience. Utilizing computer aided design, laser scanning and rapid prototype technologies the development cycle can be drastically shortened while giving the customer more options during the development cycle.

Melron's purchase of the FDM Titan allows us to create rapid prototype versions of parts being developed for our customers. These parts are accurate functional parts that can be drilled, machined and mounted in place just like the real metal part. The technology can allow the customer to see and "test" a part before commiting to a final pattern being produced.

Melron has pioneered the use of rapid prototype patterns for our sand molds. Instead of immediately commiting to the traditional aluminum pattern we can create a fully functional pattern in the rapid prototype machine. Shorter lead times and turnaround are the result of utilizing this advanced technology.