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Red Granite Door Hardware and Suites

An ingot of bronze is the foundation of both the strength and beauty of a sand casting. Hardware cast in copper based alloys embodies a unique combination of strength, durability and beauty that is impossible to achieve any other way. Each piece of Red Granite bronze hardware is cast in sand and finished by hand in our Central Wisconsin foundry using EPA qualified NO LEAD alloys that are derived from 100% RECYCLED metal.

Suites of Red Granite Door and Window hardware, coordinated in design and finish, create a unified look throughout a residence or business. Each door lever option has one or more matching window handles, all of which can be ordered in the same finish.

Swing door hardware is available with four escutcheon plate options and a choice of 9 different handle styles. It is offered with American or profile locking cylinders. The American cylinder can be positioned above or below the handle, depending on the locking gear it has to interface with.